Willingdon Church


A COVID-19 problem solved though deep storytelling and engaging content.

The Story

Churches were uniquely impacted because of COVID 19. And Willingdon, being one of the largest churches in the Lower Mainland, had a big problem on their hands when Covid hit. They relied heavily on their in-person gatherings, and they had a broadcast that was broadcast online, but they knew that this was the time to invest in video and online content. And that's where we came in. 

Through understanding the importance of quality, we wanted to amplify their productions to better help them serve their community and their congregation. We've actually put a lot of effort into understanding the mission and the goal of the church, and we've been able to maintain a really healthy and long term relationship with Willingdon. 

For a lot of nonprofits, the idea of hiring a crew and having a team shoot over days is quite intimidating. So we made sure to simplify every step of the production process to make it easy for the client. 

And so we touched on all aspects of the church, worship ministry, global missions, kids ministry, different promotional events, and personal testimonies. In order to help them with these events, our team made some really amazing content for their congregation in a way that celebrated their faith, their values, and their mission. 

They had a lot of creative ideas that were kind of just waiting to be used. We're just a tool for them to use.

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