Trinity Western University


Inspiring hearts and minds through meaningful, high action, dynamic shots.

The Story

The goal for the TWU Student Life Department in this project was to inspire hearts and minds, just like their mission statement. The lesson in this video was that students are so much more than they even believe of themselves. They're so capable, they have so much potential, and they need a way to train that and bring that up in themselves.

Our job was to come on and visualize how these students can overcome their own internal obstacles and become the person that they're proud of. With the narrative that the Trinity team put together, we came on as the visual experts bringing their ideas into reality. Through tag team and collaboration, we came up with engaging shots full of movement and meaning to keep their audience's attention throughout the entire video. 

With their student body being their audience, we knew that the video needed to be fast paced, full of life, and bright. In the end, this promotional material was exactly what they needed to engage students with their student life department.

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