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The Story

This project with The Dip Dr. has definitely become one of my favourites. As a little bit of a car enthusiast myself, it was so special getting to film some of these unique luxury cars that I've loved growing up. For this project, our client wanted to fully revamp their website. They had a lot of stunning photography, but they knew they were missing on their video content. 

Our clients wanted an informative and stylized video that can appeal to a wide range of customers. Car enthusiasts are all over the place, from business professionals to students working summer jobs to buy their next break kit. And as car enthusiasts themselves, they wanted to highlight some of their favourite works from the past. 

We knew we needed some smooth rolling shots of their previous clients work, so for that we brought out a RWB Porsche, a Ferrari 458, a McLaren 570s, an Audi R8 and a Tesla Model X to cover all their bases. With a small crew of a Director and DP (Director of Photography) both cam oping and a driver, we got some amazing low angle and high angle shots showing off their detail and their vinyl wrapping. To pair with these rolling shots, we filmed a behind the scenes look of their preparation and installation process with hard lighting to bring up the accents in these cars. After that, we also filmed an interview with Jordan. We gave him an opportunity to break it down for his customers with visually impressive lighting. 

In the end, he was thrilled with how the videos turned out. Our main priority at Novel is to make sure that our clients know that their investment into their businesses through visual content is not taken lightly and that we put full effort into making your story beautiful.

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