ABBA Canada


A soft and warm shooting style bringing families' joy to life.

The Story

The ABBA Canada Project was probably one of my personal favourites. They approached us with a very simple pitch, "Hey, this is our organization. We help families adopt kids. They have beautiful stories, but we have no idea how to present them visually." And I said, no problem. Perfect. That's exactly what we specialize in. 

So these stories that the families shared, they were incredibly beautiful and intimate, and we thought that the best way to visually support that was to actually shoot inside the homes of these families with the kids there. 

The shooting style was very warm and soft. We try to use a lot of natural lighting to our advantage. And so we combined this with super slow cinematic b-roll to really aid in the intimacy of the stories. 

But like with any testimonial video, you have to take what was a 30 minute interview and condense it into a three to four minute promotional video. And you just want to keep it all because the story is so good. But nonetheless, the client was super happy with it and the families were even more pleased. And it worked out super well.

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